Alec Baldwin Occupies Wall Street, Duels with Ron Paul Supporters

0 Posted by - October 20, 2011 - Career & Business, Economics, Film & Television, Video

My Two Cents: Oh look it’s an actor that does bank commercials out there opposing banks! End Two Cents.

*Taken from E!.

If Alec Baldwin wants to run for New York City mayor someday, he’s getting in some good training as a man of the people—and a defender of capitalism.

The Hollywood star dropped by Occupy Wall Street Tuesday night in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park to lend his vocal support to the resistance movement protesting corporate greed.

Here’s what he had to say to the “99 Percent.”

Baldwin tweeted his desire to head down there on Tuesday and an hour later made good on it when he attended a tutorial led by activists as part of a two-hour tour. After thanking them, he took to Twitter to offer his thoughts on the direction of the ever-growing movement.


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