Geraldo’s Exclusive With Casey Anthony Defense Attorneys

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Just moments after the guilty verdict was handed down, Geraldo Rivera spoke with the defense team for Casey Anthony in an exclusive interview.

Attorney Jose Baez discussed the respect he has for his profession — that of a defense attorney — and said that it was reaffirming how the jury saw through the fantasy of forensics and a lot of the lies that were presented before them.

“I have to salute this jury,” Baez told Geraldo, “and I hope to one day to be able to meet them … and thank them for being courageous and standing up for our Constitution.”

Baez continued on that topic, saying that no one has the right to “say a single word” about the members of the jury in the case. If they do? Baez said, with a small smile, that he’d come find them.

All in all, the defense said they were happy for Casey after the not guilty verdict, and that the tight-knit group were going to stand together as she tries to move forward

“We’re all going to get together and help her take the next step,” Baez said.

Geraldo’s initial reaction below:

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