GOP Contender Thaddeus McCotter on What Separates Himself from the Pack

0 Posted by - July 6, 2011 - Career & Business, Economics, Medical, Video

My Two Cents: As I already said about this guy, “While the media seems to be excited about this guy and his “small government” rhetoric, don’t be fooled. While he may be speaking from the heart, his track record states something different. First of all, he was a big supporter of the Iraq War. He also voted to end Bush tax cuts. Vote wisely.” And shit, here he is pimping the auto bailouts. Yep, sounds like another “fiscal” conservative. End Two Cents.

Another GOP candidate has entered the race for 2012, but can Michigan Congressman Thaddeus McCotter distinguish himself amongst an already crowded GOP field? Rep. McCotter said that his comprehensive view of the challenges facing the country – the threat from China, dealing with the Iranian regime, and preventing federal bureacracy imposing its views on the American people – makes him uniquely prepared for the role of commander-in-chief.

Gretchen challenged McCotter to a “lightning round” of questions on current issues, including the national debt, bank bailouts, auto bailouts, health care and who he would choose as his vice presidential running mate!

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