Modern Slot Car Races Are FAST

0 Posted by - January 19, 2012 - Science, Sports & Other Games, Video

This is a video of a modern slot car race, and let me tell you — it probably should’ve been shot with ahigh-speed camera. Me? I probably should’ve been shot with a rifle. You can see two cars going by in the bottom portion of the screencap I took, and they just look like little blurs. Kind of like my face right now.*shaking head* ”Why are you doing that?” I’ll look ugly if I stop! “Well you’re vomiting.” Does it look handsome?! “No, it looks like cereal.” Haha, that’s cat food.

Hit the jump for the video, but the action doesn’t start till 0:55. Green car flies off the track around 1:08.

Source: Geekologie

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