Nancy Pelosi: Pay for abortion, or women ‘die on the floor’

0 Posted by - October 14, 2011 - Economics, Medical, Video

screen shot 2011 10 14 at 1 35 06 pm Nancy Pelosi: Pay for abortion, or women die on the floor*Taken from the Washington Examiner.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., was essentially stripped of any formal input into the legislative process in last November’s election. I heave a sigh of relief over this fact every time I see her say something like this:

She’s talking about a bill that simply protects taxpayers from having to subsidize abortions through Obamacare. This is about just how out-of-touch progressives are on social issues. If you fail to show sufficient enthusiasm for paying to kill someone else’s baby, it is a sign that you’re heartless.

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