SwashTV: Marco Rubio on the FairTax

0 Posted by - March 11, 2011 - Economics, Radio & Podcasts, Video

Is Senator Rubio backtracking now that he is in office? It certainly seems like it.

Compiled, edited and uploaded by Rob Rimes & Shawn Bussler.

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  • Tea Flavored Kool-Aid, Part II: The Fall of Marco Rubio | TheSwash.com April 25, 2011 - 9:00 PM

    [...] See, FreedomWorks is a huge Flat Tax supporter and since they have contributed heavily to Rubio’s 2010 senatorial campaign and were instrumental in getting him elected, Mr. Rubio has backtracked on the tax solution he was once incredibly passionate about. You can hear his knowledge on the subject of the FairTax in a video I made. The video has an audio clip from a radio interview from February of 2010 where Rubio states that he supports the FairTax and by his description of it, truly understands it. It’s on YouTube on TheSwashTV channel (or watch it here). [...]