The Integrity of MSNBC and Ed Schultz

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My Two Cents: It’s no secret that I don’t like Rick Perry but this bullshit by Ed Schultz and MSNBC is fucking ridiculous! This hack needs to have his career castrated. This guy has crossed the line too many times and his integrity was already non-existent. Now he just proves that he’s less than shit and unable to give us even a shred of journalistic integrity. You have a responsibility to report truthfully and accurately to the people and not create your own news. I guess those at the bottom of the proverbial barrel are desperate for attention these days. End Two Cents.

*Taken from Boortz.

Several weeks ago I was treated first hand to the dishonesty and complete lack of integrity on the part of liberal talk show host Ed Schultz and MSNBC.   Schultz took a tape of remarks I made on the air regarding self defense, edited my comments, and then played those edited comments on his MSNBC and his radio show to make it sound like I was advocating cold-blooded murder.

Well now Schultz has done it again; though this time the target of his dishonesty was far more important than I.  This time the target was Rick Perry.

Here’s what Mr. Integrity did this time.

Rick Perry is speaking to a campaign rally in Des Moines, Iowa.  He’s talking about our soaring national debt.  Here’s Perry’s quote:

“That big black cloud that hangs over America, that debt that is so monstrous.”


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