The Newsroom: Finally, a Show About Elitist American Nostalgia!

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episode 01 will mcvoy 600 300x225 The Newsroom: Finally, a Show About Elitist American Nostalgia!Aaron Sorkin wants Daddy Newsman to explain to all those stupid Americans what’s right and wrong.

The eyerolls come quickly when watching Aaron Sorkin’s wretched new HBO news drama, The Newsroom. We’re introduced to mostly pointless, unthreatening cable news host Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) sitting on a college journalism and/or politics panel (they’re the same thing in Sorkin’s world anyway). A man and woman bicker in the typical talking point checklist familiar to cable news network viewers (of slight point of interest, the debate indicates a progressive/libertarian divide rather than a left/right one, but it’s just a meaningless framing device and not an indicator of anything to come).

A student asks an incredibly stupid question about what makes America the greatest country on earth, a question no actual student would ever ask. McAvoy, inexplicably pressed by the panel moderator for a real answer (rather than a joke about the New York Jets), blows up, slips into a paternalistic rant, insulting the student (who is of course a young blonde girl), and spitting out a list of improbably memorized context-free nation rankings as proof that America isn’t the bestest thing ever.

McAvoy’s rant ultimately leads to most of his staff abandoning him for a new show on the same network and his boss, Charlie Skinner (Sam Waterston, engaged in a permanent “Who’s a bigger blowhard?” fight with Daniels), bringing in McAvoy’s ex-girlfriend Mackenzie MacHale (Emily Mortimer as some sort of human blur) to get McAvoy’s show back on track.

CONTINUED at Reason. Written by Scott Shackford.

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