UK student protests turn violent, crowds smash police bus in London

0 Posted by - November 24, 2010 - Conspiracies & Scandals, Economics, Film & Television, Police State, Video

My Two Cents: This is like a scene from the ‘Dawn of the Dead’ remake. Except these zombies don’t want flesh, they want entitlement. Maybe they should be in school, I mean they are protesting the cost of their education. Doesn’t seem like they are getting one by ditching class, I mean, they definitely aren’t getting their money’s worth by smashing police buses. And since money is the issue, how much more will it cost them to post bail and get lawyers to defend them in court. Then again, as history has shown, only a handful will be pinched and the rest will go home and feel so much better about themselves for smashing a bus and acting like social-anarchists. School is expensive, if you don’t want to pay the hefty cost, don’t fucking go. Times change, prices rise, welcome to the real world fucksacks. Is this staged anarchy? Possibly so. I just assume it is whenever I see it breakout like this now. End Two Cents.

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